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Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth from the comfort of your home.

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Join Ibis in Four Steps

Step 1: Enroll

After you enroll, you will receive a call from a member of the Ibis Team to review your health information and confirm your address.


Step 2: Set Up Your Kit

Your Ibis Team will then mail you your Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Kit. This includes an IbisHub, blood pressure cuff and Ibis Program documentation.

Step 3: Monitor Your Health

Your IbisHub will remind you to take your medications, monitor your vitals and anything else you need to take care of your health. To provide you peace of mind, information entered through your IbisHub is processed in real-time by a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine for meaningful changes in your health.

Step 4: Work With Your Team

Your Ibis Team consists of a Chronic Care Specialist and a Member Advocate. They help you respond to meaningful health changes and are always available to help you with anything related to your health and your well-being.

Joining Ibis ensures that you have the most sophisticated technology available to help you track and manage your health.

What is Ibis?

Ibis is a comprehensive self-management solution for people who have trouble managing their chronic conditions. People enrolled in Ibis receive:

  • An IbisHub or IbisHub Tablet - A touch screen device that reminds you to take your medications, monitor your vitals and perform any other activity that would help you keep your health on track
  • A Member Advocate - A person dedicated to helping you stay engaged with your health care plans so you can achieve your health goals
  • And a Chronic Care Specialist - A doctor who guides your care in consultation with your primary care physician and any other provider you may have.