8 March 2020

COVID-19 Response

An essential part of the Ibis Program is proactive self-management. Members enrolled in the Ibis Program not only track the medications they take and the vitals they monitor but also perform certain self-recovery activities on an as needed basis. In an effort to respond quickly to the Coronavirus, the Ibis Program designed, developed and deployed a Coronavirus self-recovery protocol to help members enrolled in the Ibis Program with symptom identification and clinical outreach. If you are currently enrolled in the Ibis Program, please call your Member Advocate to receive the Coronavirus self-recovery protocol today.


19 March 2020
The first members of the Ibis Program receive the Coronaviraus self-recovery protocol.

17 March 2020
Member Advocates perform an outbound call campaign. They call every member enrolled in the Ibis Program educating them on the Coronavirus self-recovery protocol and asking them if they would like to receive it. If you are enrolled in the Ibis Program and have not been able to connect with your Member Advocate since 17 March 2020 please call them to learn more about the Coronavirus self-recovery protocol.

13 March 2020
All IbisHubs are updated with the Coronavirus protocol.

12 March 2020
Development of the Coronavirus protocol is completed.

9 March 2020
A Coronavirus protocol is approved.

8 March 2020
The decision is made to develop a Coronavirus self-recovery protocol.